HSBC’s No-fee LTV mortgage launched

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HSBC has launched a 90% LTV two-year discount deal at 3.84%, with no fee. Interestingly the group has also launched a 60% LTV 2.39% lifetime tracker at 2.89% with a £999 booking fee and a 3.28% five-year-fixed with a £1,999 booking fee.

According to a Mortgagestrategy's report by Natalia Thomas, the head of communications at Trinity Financial Group Aaron Strutt said the new rate might be low but may not offer the security many first-time buyers are seeking.

The offer is the bank's first ever sub-four per cent interest rate for mortgage borrowers with a ten per cent deposit. It means that for the two-year discount period house buyers will be paying just 3.84 per cent.

Also, there is no fee to pay on the financial product. The yardstick applies to HSBC's other two-year and five-year fixed rates at 85 per cent and 90 per cent LTV.