Nokia X3-02: US, India: Price, Review and Reasons to buy it

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Please find the US and India Price for the Nokia X3-02, below  

For a mobile phone that offers both Touch and Type capabilities, the Nokia X3-02 is a “budget Smartphone” phone. This semi-Smartphone offers the “budget price” mobile phone user a sense of owning a Smartphone – or at least give him an idea or two about how a Smartphone must work. 

I am not a huge fan of Nokia – save for the brand’s legendary battery lifespan and capacity – but with the Nokia X3-02, I have no doubt I’d go for it. Note here that in the first place, I’m a big, big Sony Ericsson fanatic since I bought my first Sony Ericsson Z500i years ago. But this time I admit the infatuation is for this entertainment-ready “semi-Smartphone.”
Nokia X3-02

What is the price of the Nokia X3? (Current prices after prices fell)

1.      The first good reason to buying the Nokia X3-02 is the pricing. The price of the Nokia X3-02 for US is $ 173.403 USD and the India price is Rs. 8, 495 (MRP). A middle-segment “budget Smartphone” phone of any brand (lets say even the Nokia C3-01) is normally in the range of $ 153.092 (Rs. 7, 500) to $ 163.299 (about Rs. 8, 000). However, note here that the pricing also depends on the pay-plans and could vary lower or higher. The price I gave is over-the-counter, sourced from some of my business friends in the US and Indian metros.  

2. Nokia X3-02 come with both Touch and Type capabilities – and it’s not even what the tech purists call a “full, complete Smartphone.” In a world of Snapdragons, which middle seg mobile phone comes with a dual-capability from the $150 pricing range?

Special Features of the Nokia-X3

3. 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity! Pocket Internet and WAP are almost “traditional” features in all mid-segment mobile phones. Under a good budget I would love to see a mobile phone that comes with 3G connectivity? Well, that’s what the Nokia-X3 gives you. I have tried of absurdly slow, hanging-in-between, loading-and-breaking WAP browsing. Wouldn’t you want to have a pocket-web connection that gives you easy, smooth (at least often so) web browsing on your phone? You can Google, doodle all you want with the Nokia X3.   

     4. The specifications of the Nokia X3-02 with its speedy HSPA internet and a 5-megapixel camera also runs on Symbian S40 v8, and can do most of the things any so-called "full Smartphone OS” can do.

 5. The Music and Audio features! It is a virtual CD deck I say. Let’s list them out here: the Nokia X3 has a
  • Music player
  • MP3 Ringtones
  • Audio Recorder
  • Audio Streaming
  • Bluetooth Stereo
  • Audio Recorder AMR
  • Stereo FM RDS Radio and
  • FM Radio

Nokia X3-02
6. Normally “semi-Smartphones” have only a player capability complemented by the ubiquitous FM Radio. The Audio Streaming, Bluetooth stereo and the Audio recorder in AMR takes the cake. The music player supports formats such as AAC, MP4, NRT, True tones aside from normal specs such as WAV and WMA and yes, evens a music equalizer.

7. That all is not to say the Nokia X3-02 is perfect. Some of the most common complaints have been the battery life, slow “loading” or hangs during function processes, and abrupt switch-on and switch-offs. I haven’t found any problem with this one yet.

The reasons I believe some of the complaints about the Nokia X3-02 are due to
  • Heavy storage (which slows the processor of the phone. Although the phone comes with a big 8GB storage, its processor is not a snapdragon, which “full Smartphones” like the Windows 7 phones use. Just like your PC, the more the files in your storage, the slower your phone would “load”) 
  •  Inadequate battery recharging between the stipulated standby durations. One of the most important things mobile users forget. 
  • Switching-on and-off by itself is primarily concerning the software. You can update it by taking it to a Nokia care center. I know many people whose X3-02s started functioning better after updating the phone’s software.
  • Touch-screen Issues: There have been complaints from users who have complained that the touch-screen on the Nokia X3-02 is irresponsive or “hangs.” A common reason is, many people do not know how to properly use a touch-screen phone. Each of the segmented sensors has sensitivity parameters. For example: Touch too lightly and it won’t respond; touch too “hard” and the sensors would be exerting much more that it was designed to function for. One has to learn how to “touch” (use) touch-screens. In fact, it is for the same reason, a separate training manual and file on how to “touch” the phone can be accessed. Me, I have never had any ‘touch-screen problems.’
Address these points-for-education first and I believe you won’t have any problems with the Nokia X3-02!