Permanent TSB loan (Bonus?) incentives soon this year

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Permanent TSB loan incentives

I found this tiny piece of news during a search. It is about Permanent TSB preparing special perks, possibly bonus I think, to encourage borrowers to make lump sum payments. It is similar to the bonus for mortgage holders Permanent TSB offered on November 5.In my earlier post I had mentioned that Mortgage holders of Permanent TSB who have made lump-sum payments of over €5,000 were to receive bonus payments of 10 percent from the bank.
The reasons were that Permanent TSB wanted its tracker mortgage holders to close their loans faster.

Regarding the loan incentives being prepared by Permanent TSB here, the news piece didn't say much except that the country's biggest mortgage lender would be announcing its "new incentives" very soon to push borrowers to the teller.   

Here is the entire "news." Its a tiny one but I'll update you if anything more comes up. You can subscribe to my news feed if you want. 

"Permanent TSB, the country's biggest mortgage lender, is preparing new incentives to encourage borrowers to make lump-sum payments on their home loans. It is understood that one of the incentives being looked at involves increased debt write-downs as a bonus for making large principal payments. Details of the scheme will be announced in the new year."

The website from where I found this piece of news is Click Here 

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