BlackBerry 9700's battery review: The best of all BB's offering?

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(A random post on a random thought while I was charging my mobile phone) The battery life of the BlackBerry 9700 is 'legendary' and is often touted by users and reviewers as twice better than any other smartphone. The BlackBberry Curve 8900 and the Bold 9900 are two of the higher-segment models of Research In Motion's (RIM) hi-tech franchise but I have yet to come across any smartphone 9700 users who have genuine complaints about the model's battery. In fact one reviewer even called the BlackBerry 9700's battery as a workhorse and "much much better" than the best iPods.
It is true that one of the best things about the 9700 is its battery - the thing can can still be up and running when you are text-ing, have push-email, WIFI or 3G turned on at all time, according to one reviewer. I'm not sure but one of my friends said the battery in his BB goes on for at least 48hours, while another claimed about 31 hours and so on.  But right now, I haven't come across any 9700 smartphone user whose phone performed below the 20 hour par - if that's not too farfetched.