Nokia Asha 305 and Asha 311: Price

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Nokia has launched two new cell phones the Asha 305 and Asha 311 that promise a specification that includes faster internet streaming browsing experience. The two new Nokia devices are from the mobile giant’s 10-phone ‘Asha’ series in India. 

The Asha 305 is priced at Rs 5,029 (approx US Price $111) and the Asha 311 is priced at Rs 7,139 (approx US price $158). You have to wait a while for the 311 because the device will be in the market only from August 12.

The specifications and features in both Asha 305 and 311 are huge so please read their specifications here:

Nokia Asha 305  full specifications of Nokia's Asha 305 touchscreen mobile phone
Nokia Asha 311 full specifications of Nokia's Asha 311 touchscreen mobile phone