Overview of Sony Ericsson W995: The Little Walkman

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The Sony Ericsson w995 Walkman is a relic from the glorious collaboration of Sony Corp and Ericsson. Yet, the  'Walkman' slider phone, released in 2009, remains one of the most popular mobile phones in the market today. An overview of the phone will give us amble reasons why even mobile phone reviewers still cannot beat the little device down, even in this age of the Xperias and the iPhones. Here is an overview of the  main features and specifications of this hardy little Sony Ericsson flagship phone.

Overview: The Sony Ericsson w995 is a "Walkman" Slider phone. When it was released in 2009, the device offered probably three of then-biggest features to mobile phone users - a then-unheard of 8.1 Megapixel camera, 8GB Memory Card and 3G - one of the first pre-3G era phones that came with a 3G network band. My guess on the reasons for the phone's popularity is users' relentless hunger for big MP cameras. Only high-ends such as the Xperias, the Nokia Lumias and their specie have cameras that come with 8 MP.

Therefore, in 2009, an mobile phone with an 8MP camera must definitely sound fantastic. Another popularity  factor is that nowadays you can buy the Sony Ericsson w995 simply for its phone camera. And I've friends who use more sophisticated phones such as Blackberry Curve or Xperia U - but bought the w995 too, pretty much because they wanted a "camera" around instead of having to lug around a Canon. See? Its simple.

For example Check out the Sony Ericssonw995's camera specs
Camera Inbuilt 8.1 MP
Resolution 3264x2448 pixels
Image Formats JPEG
Resolutions Supported 3264x2448 pixels
Zoom 16x
Flash yes
Video Recording
Video Formats MPEG-4 
Features Geo tagging,Video stabilizer,Video light,Video blogging,Picture blogging, Photo flash,Image stabilizer, Photo fix,Face detection,Auto focus

Sony Ericsson W995
And then there was music

When you have an inbuilt memory of 118 MB and expandable 8GB, isn't it natural that you'll like to have your entire music library in this phone? Here are the 'musical' details the w995 come in.

Audio Playback Yes
Audio Formats AAC / MP3
Video Playback Yes
Video Formats MPEG-4
Ringtones MP3 ,Polyphonic
FM Radio Yes
Streaming yes
3.5mm Headphone Jack yes

The audio features in the Sony Ericsson went on even farther:

Voice Recording yes
Voice Commands yes
Video Calling yes
Vibration yes
Speaker yes

Without doubt I believe the Sony Ericsson w995 was hugely popular chiefly for its camera (even by today's standards an 8MP camera is colossal, the music/audio capabilities are not bad and of course the 3G remains indispensable. But of course a casual overview of most of the "modern" mobile phone models will say that the w995's image quality was just average in comparison).

Still the 'Walkman' w995 was ahead of its time in many ways - it also came with 3G. Oh, sorry, I already said that. Today every mobile phone 'internet' user wants a phone that comes with 3G. With both a 'big cam' and a 3G, those who cannot afford a high-end mobile phone that come with big cams and decent audio capabilities, can always fall back on the Sony Ericsson w995 mobile phone. Now you know why the device is still most sought after.

Oh did I mention the w995 came with something called 3G? And in 2009, I didn't even know what 3G was in the first place! Dang, that's another repetition again.