Samsung Galaxy S3 phone cases, flip covers and 'Wallets': The Choices

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Phone covers, flip-cases or the flip-case/wallet combinations for the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone are the 'in' products currently. It's funny because I come from a generation that thinks flip cases/covers for mobile phones are everything but essential accessories. Yet, when I think of the advancing, sudden wave of interest in phone covers and flip cases, the Galaxy S3 (or Samsung S III) seems to have won over reviews.

There are quite a lot of flip-cases/wallet-design covers for the Samsung Galaxy S. I mean not many people  are feverishly looking for Sony Xperia phone cases or Nokia Lumia wallet covers  but for the Samsung S3 and the SII, their users seem to be shopping for one. 

Maybe there is a psychology of perception in involved here: The Samsung Galaxy S has a more streamlined, sleeker and yes, much slimmer (visually at least) design that the current iPhone and Xperia lot which I believe gives it a vulnerable look. Or something. So maybe Galaxy users tend to think you need more protective layers to ensure the safety of this advanced but fragile, precious gadget. 

There are currently 3 basic mobile phone cover designs for the Samsung Galaxy S3: 

(1) The basic flip and fold phone case design
(2) The flip case-stand design and
(3) The (most popular) flip-case-wallet combination design

This phone flip case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a basic accessory. As you can see, the design is simple - the phone case is a piece of two flaps, one that folds and covers the screen while the holding flat acts as the rest. The phone cover case has no pockets or sliders to hold say credit or ID cards like the Samsung 3 phone Wallet ID card-flip case.
Samsung Galaxy S3 flip case

This flip case-stand phone cover/case for Samsung S3 is the most adventurous of the lot. The semi-hard leather piece incorporates the flip-and-fold design with that of 'stand' capability. In others words you can prop your Samsung S3 on its side when watching videos or movies.  
Samsung Galaxy S3 phone flip cover cases

Of all the Samsung S3 phone flip/cover cases out there in the market, this phone case is my favorite. The flip-case-wallet combinations looks so cool and unique. Especially the three way design. There are two leather flaps: one acts as the flap guard/latch while the main covering flap works as a card-holder, a wallet to carry currency and of course, the screen protector. And don't worry unless you happen to be carry jagged metal cards, your cards won't harm the Samsung S3's screen in any way. (Read more about this case, the Samsung Galaxy S3 White Leather Wallet Flip Case Cover) 
Samsung Galaxy s3 flip cover case

What about you, which phone cover-case do you use for your Samsung Galaxy S3? Which is your favorite?