Google's Nexus 5: Check out these photos

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Google has unveiled its latest android smartphone Nexus 5 and if the images are anything it looks pretty dainty. Just a small piece of advice though: If you are into brands, buy the Nexus 5 (developed with LG). If you are into brains go for Samsung S3 - or keep your Nexus 4, or your trusty iPhone 4 (see price list of Nexus 5: US, UK and India prices below).

Also, you have good odds on your old inbuilt RAMs than the SD cards (Shock! Yes, SD cards - those things from the Jurassic park!) Google's android devices love to have. Nonetheless, the smartphone looks quite pretty and sleek. Check out the Nexus 5's looks.

The Nexus 5 looks pretty but I think I'll stick with the Nexus 4. The camera is still 8 MP. The new smartphone comes in black and white and costs $ 349 for a 16GB unlocked version or $399 for 32GB. One consolation though, is that the Nexus 5 is way cheaper than Apple's new iPhones. For example, the iPhone 5c, the cheaper of the two new iPhones, costs $549 for a 16GB version that comes without a wireless contract. 

US Price: $ 349

UK Price: £ 218

India price: approximately Rs. 25, 429