Awesome 'Stickpad' solar charger for mobile devices

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This mobile phone charger is awesome by its sheer ingenuity, and aesthetic appeal. I'd say this is the best looking portable mobile phone charger ever - and it is good on the environment. It is solar-powered.

The solar charger is a high-power and high-capacity solar emergency charger, with built-in 2600mAh high-capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery. Once exposed to sunlight , it can be recharged anywhere for you mobile devices, including iPad, Samsung Tab, MP3, MP4, iPhone, Blackberry and other mobile devices.

The best feature of this portable charger is the adhesive functionality it offers -- you can conveniently mount the power bank on the window facing the source of light! 

best mobile phone charger portable
The best mobile phone charger ever? That's the stick-on solar charger for mobile devices. 
Window mounted design makes full use the the solar energy for quick recharging. It is the best looking portable power bank to charge your phone or MP3 player whenever you need.

The device is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices including iPad, Samsung Tab, iPhone, Blackberry and other mobile phones. The slim, compact and lightweight design makes it a carry-it-anywhere portable charger. The device is built-in with an efficient solar panel to provide enough energy from sunshine

You can check out this 4+ star-rated solar-powered portable mobile phone charger here at Amazon.The device comes in black, green, red and white.