Top-selling iPhone Accessories 2014 – from Cool Tech to Cute Cats

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Are you America’s ultimate iPhone accessory junkie or are you a Neanderthal hunting for android rabbits under the rock? Either way, if you own a Smartphone (assuming you have upgraded from the DynaTAC8000X), you will find an adventurous inspiration to visit your gadgets store for one of the following top-selling iPhone accessories.

On normal days, I am content with downloading apps by the hundreds. However, when I am in a good mood, I buy everything from phone stickers to danglers to headsets to anything that looks even remotely like an appendage for my Smartphone. Oh, I barely use them.

Some of them here, like the Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset, are one of the top selling products for the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and the iPad 3 thanks to its high-end audio functionalities. Others are not so much for their functional capability as for aesthetic appeal – like the delightful Tabby Cat Anti-Dust Earphone Jack Plug Cap (I will get one each for my sisters).

In any case, any one of them should fit your budget, and offer your iPhone additional spec points. And make you look less like you were the first customer of the Nokia 8310. Here are the hottest accessories currently pulling in iPhone users. In case you are interested I have added some links to Amazon, where you'll find the products at better deals that the original retail prices from the manufacturers.  

Photive 25 Watt 5 Port USB DesktopRapid Charger (Multiport USB Travel Charger)
(For iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPad mini)
Price: $20.95 (Get it a good discount from Amazon)

Photive 25 Watt 5 Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger
The Photive multi-purpose charger
I absolutely love this one. The Photive charger looks like a miniature CPU with five tiny drawers. Only the ‘drawers’ are the charging ports for – hold you phone – iPad, Samsung Tab, another for iPad, and one for your iPhone and the fifth for any android device! The appliance charges up to five devices simultaneously. 

Also, the manufacturers assure you protection from overcharge safely “without risk of overheating or damaging devices.” You can charge more than just your Smartphone or tablet – It will also power up your e-reader, Bluetooth headphones, portable speakers and nearly any other device that charges with a USB cord.

(For iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPhone 5, iPod, iPad, HTC, Samsung)
Price: $3.05 (Amazon has a good discount)

Tabby Cat Anti Dust Earphone Jack Plug for iPhone
That's one for the cuties
Okay, this one is for your girlfriend, or bratty sister. This accessory is made of a rubbery-plastic material and works in any phone that has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The plug will protect your phone from foreign materials particularly dust and water. Have you noticed moldy algae-ish marks under your Smartphone screen? They are grime formed from a buildup of dust and moisture (or water) that entered your phone, normally through jack vents and USB ports. 

The cat plug could well be your solution. The plug comes in two colors and in various other designs – hanging-on-to-phone, crouching, stretching or sitting. They come in grey and yellow. If you are a normal dude, stay away from this sugary little thing.  

$133.99 (Amazon has a good bargain)

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset for iPhones
That's the Plantronics Voyager Legend. I hope it transforms into Optimus Prime
This mobile Bluetooth headset just might be for you, all you PC addicts. There is no other communication issue more annoying than a phone call in the middle of a particularly Facebook image right? Go for this ounce of audio technology. This comfortable Bluetooth device has excellent noise-cancelling capabilities and a potent battery. It features three layers of microphones, wind protection, A2DP support and a USB Bluetooth Mini-adapter. 

Other juicy features include a control panel on the headset, which allows for customization of settings, including call notification and related options. The set will automatically update when you are on a call, not only on PC calls, but also when using your mobile device for calls.

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s
Price: $ 140 (Amazon has a better discount)

iPhone Battery Pack Charger
The Mophie Juice Pack Plus is your camping iPhone's camping companion
Oh, okay, lazybones, what is worse than having to walk all the way to the electric socket to charge you phone in the middle of this particularly interesting football game? Here comes Mophie Juice Pack Plus– a case-like device that charges your phone. The new Mophie Juice Pack provides 120% extra battery juice when you need it – anywhere so long as you have the pack with you. They do not have electric chargers in the mountains.

The ‘mobile add-on’ is a rechargeable smart battery concealed inside of a lightweight, soft touch, 2-tone metallic case. It adds up to 8 hours of talk time (up to 16 on 2G) and 7 hours of Web browsing on 3G (up to 11 on Wi-Fi) to your iPhone. An integrated LED status indicator tells you exactly how much power juice is left. You can also charge and sync your iPhone to iTunes without removing it from the juice pack air by using the included USB cable.

What's your favorite iPhone accessory? I want to try it out if you have recommendations.